• Our Rates Our rates are inclusive of food (as given at home), daily treats such as chicken, tuna, fresh fish, cold meats etc, however if your cat is on a prescription diet we request that you bring this along with you. We also encourage you to bring along your cats bedding & any favourite toys to help settle them in on their holiday. In our experience we have found that their items brought from home helps eliminate the stress of being away from their loved ones.


  • Explanation of price increase on the 1/2/2023 Click Here

All other rates remain unchanged in relation to collection and delivery transportation and insurance.


  • All rates shown are inclusive of VAT.


  • (A letter from the owner relating to the introduction of vatClick Here)

    1 cat £16.00 per day per unit
    2 cats £21.00 per day sharing
    Family upto 4 cats £24.00 per day
    5 cats POA


    In addition to these rates a charge of £1.20 per cat per booking is made to cover any medical treatment/vet fees should your cat become unwell during its stay (this does not apply to existing medical conditions).


  • A 10% long stay discount is applicable to the above prices for boarding in excess of 21 days. The above charges include the 1st and last day inclusive.


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Please also see our terms and conditions below for further information.  p>


Things to Know before Booking


We are happy to accept cats that are on routine medication.

We are trained to administer tablets and injections as necessary according to the owner’s instructions. 

Medication is only administered by trained staff. It is really important to advise us of any medical condition your cat may have.  

If your cat becomes unwell, it may lead to unnecessary veterinary costs if we think that a problem has arisen during the cat’s stay.

We will accept cats that are unwell & for your peace of mind, they will always have individual 1-1 attention. Please bring all medication with you and make sure there are adequate supplies for the duration of your cat’s stay. Please also provide us with the name and contact details of your own veterinary surgeon should we need to consult them regarding your cat’s health or any problems that may arise whilst in our care..


Please ensure that your cat is up to date with their vaccinations.

A copy of their vaccination record is required at time of boarding.

 It’s your cat’s Passport into the Cattery for their holiday. We reserve the right to refuse a cat into the Cattery if they do not have an up to date vaccination record. This is for the safety of not only your cat but any others boarding in the Cattery.

It is also important that all cats are fully treated against flea and worm infestation prior to their admission. We will however treat any cat found to have fleas or worms during their stay and the owner will be liable for the cost of any treatment required.

We regret we cannot accept admission of any unneutered male cat over the age of 9 months.

In case of illness or suspected illness, our veterinary surgeon will be consulted, and if necessary will be called in to carry out such treatment as he/she considers advisable at the owners expense. Whilst every care and precaution is taken, responsibility can only be accepted at owner’s own risk.

Powside Cattery has an on call Vet 24 hours per day. If you have any particular concerns and wish to contact us whilst you are away, please discuss this with us on the day of admission.